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GW Casino Terms and Conditions

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King Casino: Terms Used in Casino Games

King Casino is a new online iGaming platform with all the features to make your casino gaming experience one to truly enjoy. This crypto-based platform also aims to be the top online casino gaming platform in the industry. By now, you should understand that a casino is a form of gambling and it will be imperative to have knowledge of certain terminologies used in the endeavor. This article will discuss some of the most commonly used words and expressions in online casinos. Newbies in the field will find this writeup particularly useful in their quest to learn about how to play casino games.

Commonly Used Terms in Casino Games

Banker: This is a term used to identify the dealer or the house.
Casino Rewards: This refers to cash rewards given to players depending on how many games they play.
Wager: This refers to a bet made by the player.
Maximum Bet: This is the maximum stake a player can place for a certain game.
Minimum Bet: This is the minimum stake a player can place for a certain game.
Hot Streak: A consistent run of wins.
Dealer: The casino staff who deals the cards.
High Roller: This term is used to describe a person who plays for high stakes.
Live Dealer Games: A feature used in online casinos where users can play against real dealers with the use of a live stream video.
House Rules: This refers to the regulations binding a particular casino.
Lobby: The categories of games that are available to be played on a section of the platform.
Random Number Generator: An application that runs in online gaming platforms responsible for a random outcome in casino games.
Stake: This refers to the wagered amount placed on a game’s outcome.
These are some of the common terms used when it comes to casino gaming. I think those who are already familiar with casino gaming will easily recognize and understand these terms. However, I think it will be helpful to those who are new to it. King Casino is an exciting platform where you can play casino games. The bonuses are very attractive and the rewards are topnotch.
King Casino Website
Author - Melody2
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Casino Terms and Conditions

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Casino Terms and Conditions

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Looking to Understand a Casino Term

Good Evening Everyone!
I am a huge Poker fan, but, that's not what I'm here for today. Today I'm hoping someone can explain to me what a "rolling chip turnover" is when used in "Casino" terms.
In this case. I'm investing in a company that has reported at $230million "rolling chip turnover" and I can't for the life of me comprehend what this is!
From what I've found, it, people have converted their cashable chips, into promotional chips, and then get the winnings from the promotional chips paid back in cashable chips.
I am pretty lost...
Does anyone know if a $230million "rolling chip turnover" is good? Does this mean the house is losing?
Thanks for any insight you can offer!
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[@allstocknews] $PENN Penn National Gaming Enters into Agreements to Exit Jamul Casino Term Loan C Facility and the Project From our Stock News Alerts App

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Casino terms in Mandarin?

Hi all, new to the sub. I have a decent understanding of Mandarin, at least grammatically, I just have a limited vocabulary. I currently work in a casino as a table games dealer where we get a lot of Chinese patrons. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some casino terms to help me communicate with guests? Such terms may include:
Terms for a deck of cards (Ace, K, Q, J)
Blackjack terms (Hit, stay, double down, split)
Poker terms (Flush, Straight, Royal Flush, Full house)
Anything else that might be useful in a casino.
My reading skills are limited, so a pinyin translation would be appreciated, or I could just google the characters for pronunciation. Thank you so much in advance!
Edit: Formatting was terrible, should have looked at the preview box
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LBO_BOT: Cannery Casino term debt higher in secondary on news of amended asset-sale deal with GLPI $

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Golden Tiger Casino: General Terms & Conditions

Golden Tiger Casino: General Terms & Conditions

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$FEAC: 2021's DraftKings

The SPAC FEAC and mobile gaming company Skillz announced a merger agreement on Sep. 1, 2020. Merger date is slated for end of this quarter, so should be coming up soon. I expect FEAC will be 2021's DKNG. Here's why...
What do we know about FEAC? They're the same team that brought Draftkings public (via DEAC), which you may recognize as the single most successful post-merger company of the last 30 SPACs.
What do we know about Skillz? From the company website:
Skillz is the leading mobile games platform that connects players in fair, fun, and meaningful competition. The Skillz platform helps developers build multi-million dollar franchises by enabling social competition in their games. Leveraging its patented technology, Skillz hosts billions of casual esports tournaments for millions of mobile players worldwide, and distributes millions in prizes each month. Skillz has earned recognition as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, CNBC’s Disruptor 50, Forbes’ Next Billion-Dollar Startups, and the #1 fastest-growing company in America on the Inc. 5000.
Basically, they host approx. 30 games on their mobile platform, users pay ~$0.60 to enter and winners collect prize money. Revenue for Skillz comes in the form of a "take rate" (i.e. rake in casino terms), but basically just a percentage of the prize money. Currently their take rate is 14%, increasing to 15% in 2020, and planning on increasing to 20% by 2024.
Some valuation numbers: The merges implies a valuation for Skillz of $3.6 billion, or 6.3x projected 2022 revenue. Total PIPE is $159 million, representing just 4.3% of the company valuation. Share terms: "Paradise, Chafkin, substantially all of the existing Skillz stockholders as well as Flying Eagle’s sponsor have agreed to a 24-month lock-up, subject to quarterly releases of 1.5 million shares per holder commencing 180 days following the closing".
The investor presentation provides some truly mindboggling numbers, summarized here:
Ok, so the games are stupid, right? Of course they are, they're mobile games. But you know what else is stupid? Candy Crush and that crap averages 37 minutes of user interaction per day. What does Skillz get? 62 MINUTES. The games are like crack. Even the Chinese superhack TikTok only gets 52 min/day, democracy-destroying Facebook gets 41 min/day, compilation fails/ASMdiy tutorial/pseudo-porn website Youtube gets 30 min/day. Mobile gaming accounts for ~45% of the entire gaming industry (in 2019) and is estimated to be $68 billion, with a CAGR of 20%.
Why I like FEAC/Skillz: With interest rates at all time lows (and not expected to change until at least 2023), cash is cheap and companies can borrow basically unlimited money to fuel exponential growth (and then probably just inflate away debt). Combine this with a complete paradigm shift in international business and industry driven by the tech sector, we are in the golden age (also probably bubble) of hypergrowth companies. IMO, Skillz is an incredibly rare opportunity in terms of early entry into a potentially explosive stock that is already in YOY hypergrowth. Many SPACs are incredibly speculative, dependent on highly theoretical FY2021 and FY2022 revenue growth. With Skillz, although definitely still speculative, you have the opportunity to invest in a relatively overlooked SPAC that is already in hypergrowth with EV/R multiples well below similar peers.
IMO, FEAC/Skillz is the white whale of the current SPAC crop. Skillz games have a crack-like addiction, they're in hypergrowth NOW, have absolutely insane margins (96%), and don't require a massive shift in an entire industry.
How to play it: This could be a little tricky. I'm not sure if there will actually be a significant pump riding up to the ticker change given retail's focus on EV/cloud/SaaS these days. Plus, mobile gaming doesn't have the same allure that sports betting does. Everyone and their mom has heard of DraftKings and Fan Duel, helped out by the Last Week Tonight segment and tons of Youtube ads. However, the growth numbers + revenue margins should be extremely enticing to fund managers, so I hope that large-block buying will increase heading towards the merger.
That being said, it might take until the merger or even early 2021 to get some traction. In any case, I don't think FEAC is a good place to just park cash in hopes of a pop. For that, probably just better to either flip other SPACs on announcement or buy into growth companies. For FEAC, I think it's best to buy in with the plan of holding until at least the first ER, and then decide where to go from there. I'm not going to tell you "THis Is deFInitLey thE NexxT apPLE" *rocketemojirocketemoji*. However, I think that FEAC/Skillz will either have a strong multi-year run after merger, or it will flounder in the sub-$20 range in which case I'll move on. The major catalyst for determining what we can expect from the stock is what happens when the merger date is announced (supposed to be in the next few weeks). If there's a BIG pop (like, +25%), then I'll be very confident the post-merger stock will go on a tear. If reaction is more muted, then we'll have to wait until after the ticker change to see if the market prices in expected revenue growth. If any significant negative press comes out similar to NKLA, I'll trim my position by ~80% immediately.
My positions:
Disclaimer: Do your own DD. Skillz numbers look amazing, but at the end of the day they're still just a mobile game company so investing in FEAC definitely has the potential to backfire. Ok, roast away.

Edit: u/iamgettingbuckets noted in a comment here that he had a sketchy experience applying for a job with Skillz that required actually playing on their app before being able to submit an application. He later deleted the comment and then sent me a DM because his story was anecdotal and u/ImBloom09 didn't find the same thing. However, I still think this is a good first-hand experience story for people to know and consider prior to investing, so I'm including it here as an edit. The FEAC team is the same management that took DKNG public via DEAC, so I'm assuming (hoping) that their reputation from that deal implies they've done the appropriate vetting of Skillz prior to announcing the merger.
Edit 2: S-4/A filed right before market close the day I made this post. Merger vote set for Dec. 16. Commons +20% on news.
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Need 2 good hackers 20% for a long term casino heist grind

Just need 2 players to long term grind the casino heist, requirements: Good Hackers, Good Stealth, Good at Run and Gun and Long Term players
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More expensive house or pay down current mortgage?

Please provide other perspectives on this idea. As I make spreadsheets, look at amortization schedules, and look at the housing market, mortgages seem like a crazy idea...
I've seen houses increase 10-20% of their market value here in the last 5 years. I can't help to think, "well if we originally had a mortgage for a house that was $100k more, then we could have seen a 20k more in equity for the next house"! They crazy thing to me is that that 100k extra wouldn't have even been my money, it would be the banks. That almost seems like you're making money off of house money - in casino terms. Is that a wrong perspective?
So my wife I are currently pulling in double the salary compared to when we bought the house. I'm thinking about refinancing for lower rates, and playing with the idea of a 15 year mortgage because it has even lower rates and I think we can pull it off. Even if we moved in 5 years, there's so much more of the monthly payment that goes into the equity to pay down the balance compared to a 30 year mortgage.
I can't help but think that you can make money with the bank's money. I realize that 10-20% increase won't happen every 5 years. Would you try to buy a more expensive house or pay down the current mortgage? (considering that we're both making more money now).
Here are some other things that come to play: if we were to move, it would be, theoretically, for a better school district and to be closer to work. Also, we really like the house we're currently living in. The only cons of the current house are the distance to work, and the schools don't test as well compared to other towns, but honestly, I consider that a wash b/c we could consider private school in the future for the kiddo who is currently a toddler.
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Is the casino heist still the best heist in terms of making the most money?

You don’t seem to get a lot on the perico heist
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Long Term Casino Partner

I just want a person who can consistently grind Casino Heists with me until the 15th well El Perico comes out. If we become good at it maybe we can run El Perico together. Message me if interested
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Dennis Uy rushes Cebu casino opening before Duterte’s term ends

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Btb Casino heist(long term)

Will help with casino heists(no cash allowed or aggressive approach )I’m a good hacker.Will be available everyday depending on my schedule:)My gamertag is (Okboomer8969)Btb if possible
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Need someone for long term casino heist grind

Ill give 40% cut
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For me, it looks like that options in terms of income are nothing but a complicated casino

After learning a lot of information about options, their pricing, valuation, strategies, etc., I see that option play is still a bet, more risky than simply betting on red or black in casino. All these spreads, iron condors, butterflies, always have probability x return/risk significantly less than 1, while in casino you have it 16/33 x 2=0,97. And all this strategies are made for you to feel smart while analyzing charts, indicators, implied volatility, before putting your money on red and hoping that market will go in your direction or stay where it is or go anywhere but more than usual amount. Yes, I know that options can be used for hedging risks by big banks, but trying to trade them for income is actually worse than gambling. Prove me wrong.
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What percentage of live casino 1/2nl players are making at least $10/hr long term?

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WTW for a term for a game, usually like a lottery or casino game, where there WILL be a winner, no matter what, instead of a game where everyone who plays may lose?

Not only that but everyone WILL play, so scratch offs wouldn’t be included in this because everyone is not buying a ticket at the same time or in a set time frame?
It has to be a game like 3 people pick a card, but there are only 3 cards the winning card could be, not 52 because that would cause infinite or questionably finite game
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What’s the word or term for a game, usually like a lottery or casino game, where there WILL be a winner, no matter what, instead of a game where everyone who plays may lose?

Not only that but everyone WILL play, so scratch offs wouldn’t be included in this because everyone is not buying a ticket at the same time or in a set time frame?
It has to be a game like 3 people pick a card, but there are only 3 cards the winning card could be, not 52 because that would cause infinite or questionably finite game. What I’m looking for is where if only one person decides to play, they’re an automatic winner. If only two people play, even if it was a game meant for 500 people, each of the player’s chances of winning would still be an easy 50/50
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best casino

this casino is very good, I recommend it to you it is the best
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Casino X Welcome Offer - Terms & Conditions + All ... 10 Tips to help you win at slot machines. - YouTube big fish casino terms of use - YouTube Exclusive Casino Terms And Conditions, Exclusive Casino No ...

There’s some terminology that’s beneficial to understand when playing casino games, so we have compiled this useful glossary that covers the most commonly used words and phrases. Some of these terms are specific to online casinos, while others are used in land-based casinos. Players of the casino must be of a minimum 18 years of age. Different jurisdictions carry varying rules pertaining to internet gambling. It is the Player's responsibility to ensure - before registering at the casino and agreeing to these terms and conditions- that they are not violating any rules in the jurisdiction in which they live. Due to Online Casino; Terms; General; Die AGB von 1. Definitionen Casino-Wettbeschränkungen – Missbräuchliches oder irreguläres Spielen . 14.1 Boni werden vergeben, um Ihre Freude an unseren Spielen zu steigern. Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, festzulegen, wie ein Bonus von einem Spieler verwendet werden kann. 14.2 Wir behalten uns das Recht vor, festzulegen, dass bestimmte Arten Casino & Gambling Glossary - Find out the meaning of gambling and casino games terms in our comprehensive guide covering on and off line gaming. Terms and conditions of Casino Adrenaline where you can find all information. If you need any additional info or help our live support is available 24/7. Two-up Online Casino reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time without notifying the player. It is under the player’s responsibility to review the Terms and Conditions page on a regular basis and to check for any amendments or any additional rules added. If a player is unclear or unsure regarding any point relating to a specific promotion, it is under the Casino Terms Lingo & Jargon: G-H. George: casino jargon for a generous tipper both to table dealers and other casino employees. Grind: this term is used for playing it out on a consistent basis at the tables. This player is ‘grinding’ out planned bets based on knowledgeable probabilities of the game. Handicapper: player who does the research beforehand to make knowledgeable bets. This data

[index] [11397] [861] [1868] [19542] [19208] [23065] [1971] [2145] [22535] [30659]

Casino X Welcome Offer - Terms & Conditions + All ...

🎁 Use this link and get your Welcome Bonus! the casino comes to life on your screen, you are greeted with an aeri... Click Here : - Big Fish Casino Terms Of Use Related search : Clash Of Clans Hack Ios No Jailbreak Big Fish Casino Apk How To Hack C... Casino-X Welcome Offer: Exclusive casino bonuses: Telegram: In this video I'll show all... We interviewed some frequent slot players and casino workers. We got these inside tips on how to increase your chances of winning. You won't want to miss thi... Description Click Here : - big fish casino terms of use Related search : clash of clans free gems no human verification slotomania win real mon...