Q Casino (Dubuque) - 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE You ...

How long before they notice there is a Q Casino in Dubuque, Iowa?

And that a guy named Jesus is the manager there. Great place to find Q-crumbs one would think.
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Things to do this weekend 9/13 - 9/15

New Movies This Weekend:
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Things to do this weekend (10/4-10/6)

Happy October! Here are all the big events happening this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:
Visit a Haunted House - See the Megathread for dates / times.
Old MacDonald's Farm - final weekend
Bart's Farm and Pumpkin Patch
Amana Oktoberfest
RoughRiders Hockey
What Cheer Flea Market
SWITCHFOOT & Their Fantastic Traveling Music Show
Chocolate Walk 2019
Hello, Dolly!
Mamma Mia!
Anamosa Pumpkinfest
Luke Combs "Beer Never Broke My Heart" Tour
Adventureland's 5th Annual Oktoberfest
2019 Northside Oktoberfest
4th Annual Holistic Fair
Harvest Fest
Farm Glow
2019 Mount Vernon Chili Cook-Off
Movin' at the Museum Fitness Classes 2019
Iowa City Farmers' Market
Especially For You Race
Take Flight!
Killer Queen
MV Porchfest 2019
Hiawatha Farmers' Market
Mount Trashmore Mini Challenge
New Movies This Weekend:
Joker (R) -78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes
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Things to do this weekend 09/20-09/22

A few quality events happening in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area.
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Corey Taylor announces live solo album

CT said on Saturday that the Q Casino performance in Dubuque, Iowa this past weekend was being recorded for a live album. Setlist link - https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/corey-taylo2019/q-casino-dubuque-ia-3b9310f8.html
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State League Series - 6/50: Iowa

Already Completed: Illinois North Carolina Nevada Idaho Virginia
Due Up: California Wisconsin New Jersey Missouri Pennsylvania Colorado Florida Ohio Michigan
Ames RailRiders Ames was originally named after Oakes Ames, a Massachusetts man who was a big part in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad. This is where the name RailRiders comes from. The team uses black, grey, and white, which I feel are representative of railways and trains. The font used is meant to replicated train tracks as there is two parts/sides of each letter.
Bettendorf Gamblers In 1991, an area native and businessman named Bernard Goldstein launched the first modern-day version of a riverboat casino in the waters in Bettendorf. This serves as inspiration for team name, colors, and logos. The colors are two shades of blue to represent the water, while the badge features a die with the waves.
Burlington Hawkeyes When thinking of Hawkeyes, most people associate this name with either the state in general or the University of Iowa. Burlington, however, is where the Hawkeye name first came into use. A subtle detail in the logo which I really like is that the B features a hawk eye peeking through it.
Cedar Rapids Expos Cedar Rapids is a city which is notable partly for the fact that it is one of the biggest arts and culture cities not just in Iowa, but in the Midwest. Some of the arts and culture institutions found in Cedar Rapids are Orchestra Iowa, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, the Cedar Rapids Ceramics Center, Theatre Cedar Rapids, and the Cedar Rapids Opera Theatre. The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art hosts the largest collection of Grant Wood paintings, also known as the man who painted American Gothic. The Gothic Era in general was a big influence on the art and culture beginnings in Cedar Rapids, which is why there is a gothic feel to the design. I initially named them because I thought I had read that the art and culture boom also partly came from the Chicago World’s Fair or an expo in Chicago, but I now can not find that. However, I still feel Expos is a good name for Cedar Rapids.
Clinton LumberKings When Iowa came up, this was the first team I thought of. My parents used to take me to LumberKings game all the time when I was little and these are some of my first baseball and sports memories. Hence, I definitely wanted to try my hand and recreating them in SMB2. While the game obviously has limitations, I think I did well with those limitations.
Davenport Rebels In 1837, Davenport was battling with Rockingham to become seat of Scott County. Davenport won, but through devious and creative methodology, which is what the Rebels nickname pays homage to. The town with the most votes by Scott County citizens in the February 1838 elections would win the county seat. Just before the election came around, acquired the services of laborers from Dubuque, who became eligible to vote. This tipped the vote into Davenport’s favor. The vote was ultimately never certified, resulting in a second election with a 60-day residency requirement for voting. Davenport won this election by two votes, a margin so close that it triggered a third election. This one was won by Davenport due to Rockingham basically giving up on the idea of being county seat. Davenport won this election and quickly built the chambers for the county seat.
Des Moines Caps Inspired by the capitol city of Iowa and it’s architecture. The capitol building in Des Moines is known for its big gold dome. This is why the team wears gold hats and gold helmets. The logo is also meant to show this, as well. The bottom half circle is to represent the building while gold half circle represents the gold dome. The reasoning for Caps instead of Capitols is that the team wears gold caps and that the gold dome can be considered the cap of the building. Credit u/dreddfyre
Dubuque Scouts Dubuque is a town on the Mississippi River, which also has an abundance of Scouts. One of the names suggested was Hilltoppers, but I decided to go with Scouts because I feel that this represented both the hills and river. I also think it works decently with Dubuque’s Key City moniker. Credit u/dreddfyre
Fairfield Silicorns My favorite nickname for an Iowa team and one of my favorite things I’ve found for any State League Series team so far is the Fairfield Silicorns. Despite being somewhere unexpected for a tech hub, Fairfield actually has a sizeable technology industry. As a result, locals nicknamed the area “Silicorn Valley”, a midwestern play on Silicon Valley. I loved that too much to not use it. The colors are inspired by corn with the yellow and dark green, with a bright green included to represent the modern tech hub that Fairfield has become despite the typical stereotype of Iowa towns.
Iowa City-Coralville Ancients Iowa City and Coralville are close enough as to where they can share a team. Additionally, the Ancients name fits both cities, but for different reasons. For Iowa City, the “old capitol” building is found here. For Coralville, floods in recent years revealed a huge collection of remains and fossils. The logo features a dinosaur coming out from a shield, meant to represent the old capitol and the fossils. The black represents the past, while blue and red represent the colors of Iowa. The green, since it comes automatically with the dinosaur, I think makes the whole pallet very interesting and unique, which is why I decided to make it so prominent despite it having no real importance. Credit u/dreddfyre
Knoxville Sliders Knoxville, Iowa is known as the sprint car capitol of the world. For those who do not know what those are, they are the racecars with angled roofs which run on dirt. To me, and I do not know if this is technically this is the correct term, they also look as if they were sliding on the dirt when taking corners. This is where the name Sliders come from. It also helps that there is an obvious baseball tie-in, too, with a slider being a type of pitch. The colors and logos reminded me of a 90s local race track look, which is what I was going for. Credit u/dreddfyre
Maquoketa Bats Another team with a baseball tie-in is the Maquoketa Bats. The main attraction of Maquoketa is the Maquoketa Caves State Park. An animal commonly associated with caves is bats, while also obviously being a baseball thing, as well. I used just the bat on its own because I feel that it also somewhat looks like an M, also. Since the team was named after caves and bats, I wanted a dark color scheme, but I did not want to use just black and white, which is why a dark grey is actually the main color in play here.
Muscatine Melonheads This team combines my love of the Backyard Sports franchise with one of the most unique towns in Iowa. Muscatine is also known as Melon City, due to their fame from growing melons. For those who played Backyard Sports, you remember the Melonheads being a team name option on just about every game and is one of the most recognizable Backyard Sports names. Credit u/dreddfyre for the research and u/tengohierbas, who’s awesome Melonheads post I used as a reference!
Ottumwa Space Pirates Ottumwa is known as the Video Game Capital of the World. Additionally, it is also home to Twin Galaxies. For Ottumwa, I wanted to honor this by creating a team that was inspired by video games. It took awhile, but I thought of the name Space Pirates, which I thought sounded video game-y and also had a bit of a tie-in with Twin Galaxies because it references space. The colors are a bright green and black, two colors I think are commonly associated with video games, electronics, and technology.
Sioux City Sting Despite having a nice roll off the tongue, the Sioux City Sting are actually named for another reason. Sioux City honey is one of the most popular types of honey in the world. Hence, the name Sting, a reference to the bees which produce honey. The colors are also inspired by bees, as well.
Waterloo Belters One of the Midwest’s biggest companies, John Deere, calls Waterloo home. The base of the Waterloo logo is actually inspired by the base of John Deere logo, a square with a bit of rounded edges, rather than perfectly straight. Belters is in reference to assembly lines/belts of the John Deere factory. The town was initially known as Prairie Rapids Crossing, which partly influenced the logo and design, as well. The blue waves across the logo represent both belts and rapids. The bats and baseball represent the fact that “belted” is often used to describe a well-hit ball.
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Moving to Iowa, what should I do for a free Sunday on the road?

I am moving to Iowa in a couple of weekends from Oklahoma. I will be driving up to Des Moines and then over to Davenport. I should have all of Sunday the 24th free before I move in the next day. Does anyone have suggestions of things I can do on Sunday to explore my new state, while keeping my truck fairly safe from being robbed?
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St. Isidore upcoming events

Unless otherwise indicated, all events are at St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm & Agronomic Univesrity
2752 Clay Hollow Rd. Cuba City, WI 53807 - 608.568.3630
White Privilege: Let’s Talk – Sundays in Lent, 10:30—Noon
Conversations facilitated by Brenna and Eric Cussen Anglada at St. Raphael Cathedral, Dubuque
Good Friday Social Justice Stations of the Cross – Friday, March 30th, 9:30
Annual walk of liturgical resistance through downtown Dubuque; meet in front of Diamond Jo Casino; we’ll conclude with a simple soup meal at Hope House Catholic Worker (1592 Locust St.)
Earth’s Soothing Power – Sunday, April 22nd (Earth Day), 2—5pm
Herbs, salves, and soaps at St. Isidore CWF
Feast of St. Isidore Celebration – Tuesday, May 15th, 5:30pm-Prayer; 6-Potluck; 7-Barn Dance
Hope House Benefit Concert w/ John Peterson – Saturday, June 2nd, 7pm
John Peterson is an American Roots musician
Growing Roots: The Commons -- June 10--14th
Attention all commoners! How can we come together to protect and care for that which is most important to us? Over four days, we will bring our heads, hearts and hands together to investigate the richness of "the commons". In a family-friendly environment, we will play, sing, work, pray, and re-imagine the ways we interact with culture, the marketplace, our communities, and other forms of governance and see how careful and creative cooperation points toward true freedom and healthier relationships.
Barn Dances – Tuesdays, June 19th; July 17th; August 14th (Teenth Tuesday, get it?)
6:30pm; Bring food and/or snacks to share
Interfaith Peace Institute – July 23—26th
St. Isidore CWF has launched a new ministry in collaboration with Loras College: an interfaith peace institute for high school-aged youth; see website for more details
Women and Water, Coming Together: A Symposium – July 29th—August 2nd
Lac Courtes Oreilles reservation, near Hayward, WI (see more info here); Want to come? Be in touch with Brenna Cussen Anglada
Community Singing Retreat with Liz Rog – August 3—4th
Retreat takes place at nearby retreat center, Sinsinawa Mound; registration information here
Beyond the Bomb: A Discussion on Radical Christian Resistance with Michelle Naar Obed – August 6th, 6:30pm
Michelle is a Plowshares activist, a member of Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraq, a Water Protector, and co-founder of Hildegard House, a community engaging victims of human sex trafficking
Sugar Creek midwest gathering for Catholic Workers and non-Catholic Workers – September 13—16th
A long weekend of food, discussion, skits, prayer, and more at Sugar Creek retreat center, near Preston, Iowa
Harvest Dance & Potluck – Saturday, September 29th, 3pm---
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Last Photo and Letter from Hawaiian Homeless Woman

Tabatha Wood left Dubuque, Iowa, at the age of 19 on a riverboat casino, working as a deckhand to pay her way. Strong-willed, intelligent and attractive, she beamed with charisma.
Twenty-two years later she would die on a beach in Waikiki, homeless and alone. She hadn’t been living on the streets long when her body was found near a lifeguard stand Jan. 3. It was the day after her 41st birthday and an autopsy determined she drank herself to death.
This grainy photo, provided by her mother, was taken two weeks before Tabatha Wood died.
Among her few possessions was a handwritten letter to her younger brother that she never had the chance to finish.
Last Letter
And SOURCE with complete Letter in PDF format
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The Q Casino sportsbook tour Fishing behind the mystique casino in Dubuque Iowa - YouTube Diamond jo casino Iowa Diamond Jo Casino Dubuque - YouTube Grand Harbor Resort Dubuque Iowa diamond jo casino iowa Greyhound Races--Q Casino, Dubuque, Iowa - YouTube Spinning and Winning at The Q Casino In Dubuque Iowa ...

Diamond Jo Casino, Dubuque. USA ; Iowa (IA) Dubuque ; Sehenswürdigkeiten und Aktivitäten in Dubuque ; Diamond Jo Casino; Suchen. Diamond Jo Casino . 520 Bewertungen. Nr. 11 von 46 Aktivitäten in Dubuque. Kasinos. Leider sind an den von Ihnen gewählten Daten keine Touren oder Aktivitäten verfügbar. Bitte geben Sie ein anderes Datum ein. Diamond Jo Casino. 520 Bewertungen. Nr. 11 von 46 ... Q CASINO More than just fun & games. Q Casino is an entertainment and gaming complex that incorporates both greyhound racing and casino gaming located in Dubuque, Iowa. The casino is owned by the City of Dubuque, and operated by the non-profit Dubuque Racing Association, its license holder. dubuQue’s destination for fun. At Q Casino there’s never a dull moment. Between our great deals, promotions, and excellent customer service, you’ll never want to leave! All Promotions. Win over $104,725! All New Progressive Table Jackpots! See Promotion Details. Q Sports Bar Homestyle Chicken Dinner . Enjoy a two piece homestyle chicken dinner! See Promotion Details. Stay In Touch. Want ... Located at the south entrance of the Diamond Jo Casino, the brand-new FanDuel Sportsbook offers 2,150 square feet of sports betting, with 4 betting windows, 34 screens, 3 sports tickers, and 9 self-serve betting terminals. FanDuel offers spreads, single bets, parlays, round robins and more for all major U.S. sports, including professional baseball, basketball, soccer, football, golf, boxing ... Presentation of the Dubuque Q Casino et Hotel . The Mystique Casino located in Dubuque, Iowa. You will find nearly 1,000 slots with progressive and reel machines, many gaming tables including games such as the newest Crazy 4 Poker, and a Poker room. Many shows are often organized in this establishment, which also has a gift shop. Dubuque Iowa Casino, hampton beach casino ballroom new hampshire, casino tafel maken, casino canadien ligne paypal. Free Spins. Find out who makes the games! 100%. Gamble Responsibly BeGambleAware.org * T&C-Prize pool: €600 bonus + 300 free spins-100. €100. January 16, 2019. 0-10. 90. Wager. Monthly limit higher than certain amount of money . Menu. 9. 0. 297. Free Spins. 18. 6. Top ... Iowa; Casinos in Dubuque Current page Casinos in Dubuque; Plan your trip. Dubuque Travel Guide Flights to Dubuque Car Rentals in Dubuque Dubuque Vacation Packages. Iowa may have travel restrictions in place due to COVID-19. Dismiss close travel advisory. Find Casino Hotels & Resorts in Dubuque, IA from $49. Check-in. Start date Check-in selected. End date Check-out Done, 1 night selected. Save ... Top Dubuque Casinos: See reviews and photos of casinos & gambling attractions in Dubuque, Iowa on Tripadvisor. The casino had energy, but was not packed, which allowed plenty of social distancing opportunities. Gameday energy was fun! Bathrooms very clean and well maintained. Most people had masks on, which added to us being comfortable during pandemic conditions. The employees were ALL friendly, and appreciative to have customers back. The upgrades of the hotel and casino resulted in clean, fun ... Situated in Dubuque’s historic downtown and nightlife district, Diamond Jo Casino is an entertainment destination not to be missed! We offer a high-energy casino with nearly 1,000 slots, 19 table games, more than 200 nights of live entertainment each year at the Mississippi Moon Bar, a state-of-the-art bowling center, and five restaurants.

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The Q Casino sportsbook tour

A tour of the sportsbook inside Q Casino in Dubuque. Admiral McRaven addresses the University of Texas at Austin Class of 2014 - Duration: 19:27. The University of Texas at Austin Recommended for you Catching a few fish i had way more bigger ones too but i didnt record videos of them ill see if i can put them on my channel A preview of our stay at the Grand Harbor Hotel in Dubuque, Iowa. It now resides across from the new Diamond Jo Casino, also previewed in the video. Diamond Jo Casino - Club 84 - Dubuque - Mississippi Moon Bar - Duration: 2:35. Adrian Brambila aka El Tiro 972 views. 2:35. Mystic Lake Center - Duration: 2:14. Mystic Lake Casino Hotel 8,185 ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Situated in Dubuque's historic downtown and nightlife district, Diamond Jo Casino is an entertainment destination not to be missed! We offer a high-energy casino with nearly 1,000 slots, 19 table ... Thanks for Watching Spinning and Winning at The Q Casino In Dubuque Iowa! ! Like the video? Thumbs it up! Love the video? Leave a comment! Can't get enough o... Thanks for Watching! Like the video? Thumbs it up! Love the video? Leave a comment! Can't get enough of it? Then subscribe!!! Hate it? Tell your enemy! Filme... Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus as covered by Pop ROCKS at Diamond Jo Casino, Dubuque Iowa - Duration: 1:09. PopROCKSLive 1,517 views. 1:09. Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed - Duration: 20:14. ...